How does a Membership benefit me?


When you become a member of Etta you invest in your Craft.

We offer Business Classes, Seminars and Conferences in every Worshiping Arts Department at a huge discount.

If you can not attend in person you can watch the live stream. (Live Stream is only offered to member)

You are also eligible as a member for a free page of your own on our website, where people can contact and book you.

We will provide you with legal contracts so that you can protect yourself.

You can produce your own radio or television show at a huge discount.

You attend all events for free or at a discount up to 50 % off the admission price.

It does not stop there the perks are huge.

We also pick an Artist of the Month for each Department. 

ETTA will market and brand you on all our Social Media pages for free the entire month!

If you are interested in becoming a member text (707) 862-2787  for more info or download the forms and send in your payment via pay pal.


Client Membership Payment

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card


You have become part of our tribe of Evangelizing Artist.

Welcome to ETTA.