About Us

Who We Are


We are Worshipping Artists who use our gifts to evangelize, minister, and glorify God.

We are ETTA, Evangelism Through The Arts, and we are a global community.

Please join our community.

Our Mission


  • To unify all Worshiping Artists

  • To provide business services and educational classes to the Worshipping Arts Community.

  • To create a Global Directory of all Worshipping Artists

Our Vision


Our chief aim is to glorify our Savior, Jesus Christ, by uniting all Worshipping Artists who Evangelize and by shining as light in a dark and perverted world.

    We believe our light shines best when we are walking in obedience to the Word of God and using our gifts that were given to us before the foundation of the earth to reach the lost and bring them back into the fold.

    But first, we must be unified and educated.


Business Education Classes



Most Artists love creating, but when it comes to paperwork many fall short.

No worries, ETTA is here for you. We have your Copyright, Musician For Hire, TV Host Agreement or any other form you may need for Intellectual Property Rights.

Etta also offers business classes so that you can become the best in your craft.

But, it does not stop there, come on out and take an acting, dance, writing, drawing, music theory, social media marketing, graphic design, editing or one of the many other classes that we have planned for you as a member of ETTA.

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Unity is the key, How can we help you if we don't know you?
For $50 a year you can become part of ou




Unity is the key, How can we help you if we don't know you?

For $50 a year you can become part of our online Global Directory.

When you become part of our Directory you receive a webpage on our website with your name, email, social media links, picture, a short autobiography, and a video of you performing or explaining what you do for the kingdom of God using your artistic gifts.

You will also receive all service at a huge discount. Example, Radio & Television slots are $250 monthly for a 1 hour slot.

Members are only $150 a month for Radio and Television for a 1 hour slot.

Remember, only members can become part of our Global Directory. 

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The key to success is building a tribe of people who believe in you, and want to support you.

We are those people, and we want to be part of your tribe.

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Worship & Creative Arts Departments




Christian music is an expression of our faith and is an outlet to praise and bring glory to the Father.  Christian music also is written to encourage our fellow brothers and sisters in their walks with the Lord.  What makes a song Christian is simply the lyrics.  The content of what is sung must be congruent with the principals of God and His Holy Word.

Do you write lyrics, compose, sing, play an instrument?

If so, come join ETTA




Liturgical dance is a type of dance movement sometimes incorporated into liturgies or worship services as an expression of worship. Some liturgical dance had been common in ancient times or non-western settings, with precedents in the Hebrew religion back to accounts of dancing in the Old Testament. 

No matter your style of praise dance, creative, mime, hip hop, rhythmic, prophetic, liturgical, or worship praise, we want you at ETTA.

Come and join us.




Radio, Television, Podcast, Books, Magazines, Blogs, Social Media, Graphic Designers, Advertising, Movies we do it all at ETTA.

Are you a writer, actor, producer, director, set designer, sound or light technician, maybe a IT engineer or blogger.

We need you at ETTA.

Please join our community.




Playwrights, Directors, Producers, Stage Managers, Light & Sound Engineers, Actors, Singers, Set Designers....

Do you run the Drama Department at your Church?

No part is small when it comes to the world of theater, it is a team effort.

Come join ETTA, the ultimate team.




Do you run the video ministry at you Church, make Indie Films, or have fun using you gift for Youtube?

Are you a Screenwriter, Director or Producer?

Maybe you are best behind the scenes, makeup, wardrobe, finding a venue...

Come join Etta 


Are you a visual Artist? 
Do you paint, sculpt or make baskets? 
Come on over to ETTA

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